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Perfect Your Persian™ 1

Intro to Persian Alphabet, Reading, and Writing

A Beginner-level Workbook for Young Learners

Ages 6-12

Suitable for school-age Persian language heritage learners with a basic comprehension level

About This Textbook

​This is a beginner-level Persian language reading and writing workbook suitable for school-age heritage learners who have a basic familiarity with spoken Persian. While introducing Persian letters and sounds, this book offers a unique approach for formulating letters into words and writing. The easy-to-navigate lessons are masterfully designed to provide a plethora of exercises for sound recognition, word pronunciation, and sentence-making. This book is an excellent educational resource for Persian language teachers or parents looking for an interactive reading and writing workbook for young learners. The colorful illustrations and carefully designed Persian font, in conjunction with the innovative teaching methodology used in the book, promise to engage students as they develop their reading and writing skills. The Perfect Your Persian™ series by the Chicago Persian School includes a comprehensive elementary through advanced curriculum, and this is the first book in the series.

Created by the Chicago Persian School

  • Who is the ideal audience for this book?
    This book is most suitable for school-age Persian language heritage learners (age 6 to 12), with a basic Persian comprehension level.
  • What is the ideal age to start teaching Persian reading and writing to kids?
    The ideal time to start teaching reading & writing of a second language (Persian, in this case) is age 7, or when kids have already completed the 1st grade in their first language and know how to read and write in that language. Kids will apply many of the same reading/writing techniques to the learning of the second language after they master the first language. This is related to the reading/writing skills, not the listening/speaking skills. The sooner a child is exposed to conversational Persian, the better.
  • Does it matter what is my child's first language (or the main language other than Persian)?
    This workbook can be used to teach kids Persian reading and writing, regardless of their other language(s) as long as a parent or a teacher (with Persian comprehension) is guiding them. For example, this book has been successfully used for bilingual kids who speak Persian as well as English, French, Turkish, Dutch, or Spanish. The key determinant is the child's basic familiarity with conversational Persian and parent/teacher help with navigating the lessons.
  • Can this book be used as a self-teaching resource?
    This workbook is recommended as an resource for parents and teachers who want to teach Persian reading & writing to kids. This book is not designed to be used as a self-teaching resource.


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